Dynamic growth of Infra - Tel Limited Liability Company from Rybnik began in 1997. From the beginnig of the economic activity we have been taking up ambitious challenges thanks to which, we managed to create our credible image of a corporation, that can perform any task. The main domain of our activity is rendering services connected with building infrastructure for communication operators. Since the launch of our firm we have managed to realize over 500 cellular telephony base stations.

The team of Infra - Tel consists of over 40 highly qualified specialists. Each of them has got both the essential education and qualifications needed for performing tasks. The potential of our specialists will certainly quarantee successful realization of each undertaking. Therefore all phases of the project, from the initial to the final one, can be characterised as highly professional and done with appropriate care.

Dealing with administrative, legal and technical aspects of each project we guarantee complex service. We carry out engineering designs, constructions, assembly and building of the electrical infrastructure, assembly of antennas and wiring systems with essential measurement. The experience gained, market position and cooperation with financial institutions allow us to carry out projects worth millions of Zlotych.

Infra- Tel L.L.C. is inclined to undertake any kind of cooperation connected with complex implementation of potential invenstments. We are open to any propositions connected with new, interesting projects - their planning and further implementation. Experience and high qualifications of our employees will certainly guarantee fast and professional implementation of the project. Building industry can be an example of our expansion and development. Not being afraid of new challenges we wish to develop actively in that sector. All campanies willing to establish any kind of cooperation are welcome.

We have co-operated with such tycoons of the Polish telecommunication market as:
- Polish Telecommunication, Joint Stock Company: performing exchange lines, assembly and connection of coin boxes and semi boxes telephone sets, including all legal and documentary arrangements;
- Polish Cell Telephony CENTERTEL: designing series of types of free-standing towers;
- Polish Digital Telephony Ltd Co.: preparation stage and installing the GSM 900/1800 telephony base stations on the southern territory of Poland as far as designing and administering the project, building works, and installation works as well as installing all technological appliances (antennas, antenna cables, containers etc.).
From 1997 to 2004, our company has built and put into service about 350 cellular telephony stations.
- Polkomtel S.A. - the construction of base cellular telephony stations and WLAN systems in scope of administrative and design activities as well as construction and installation activities.

In the recent years, the INFRA-TEL Company has established cooperation with:
- Branches of the Border Guard for which it has executed a number of design, administrative, legal, construction, installation and repair works.
- We have executed design and construction works for large-size steel structures for the following developers (KAUFALAD and MEDIA MARKT facilities)

Building services, including formal and legal operations:
- P4 the company for which we have built around 100 roof and tower base stations of the PLAY mobile telephony.
- Regionalne Dyrekcje Lasów Państwowych (Regional Directorates of State Forests) in Toruń, Gdańsk, Warszawa, Krosno, Zielona Góra, Szczecinek i Pomorska Spółka Węglowa for which we have executed designs, formal and legal issues and turnkey construction and renovation works, within the scope of the forest fire protection - visibly - fire protection camera poles, forest video surveillance designs, etc.
- Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji (Municipal Water and Sewage Enterprise) in Wrocław - comprehensive execution of design and buliding of the antenna mast 70 MAGL, including technical infrastructure.
- Pomorska Spółka Gazownictwa (Pomeranian Gas Company) - Comprehensive execution of the design, plans and specifications and erection of the antenna mast, + 30 MSL, together with the technical infrastructure.
- Municipalities and the State Administration Units for which we have executed designs and technical infrastructure for providing the Broadband Internet.
- Kompania Węglowa i Spółki (Coal Company and the Companies) for which we provide comprehensive building services, including formal and legal operations.